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Thursday, 29 March 2012

nasi lemak

If you ask me what's my favourite food.

My answer will be none other than nasi lemak.

I love nasi lemak.

I think i start to be addicted with it since my primary school.

Because of nasi lemak, i started to eat with hands.

As i grown up with friends from from different races and background, i became like them.

I am muhibbah. =p

I used to ate 3 packets of nasi lemak in one go during recess time in Standard 3.

Back then one packet only cost 30cents.

Now you are lucky if you can still find RM1 nasi lemak.

With the same amount of rice, sometimes very less, but they sell it for RM1.20 and it tastes sucks.

This morning, i found the long lost taste n smell of nasi lemak i had during my primary school time.


i jilat my jari sampai kering bersih kilat berseri-seri. hahaha!

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