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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

FRENCH u r mine!

BONJOUR! "Bonjour" is a French word meaning "hello". The word is actually composed of two words: bon means good and jour means day.

Haaha! Im so happy. what a good starter of the day although im so sleepy right now.

Students from Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FAS) of UTAR have to choose the subjects for the next semester that they want with the time slots and register by 8.30am today.

Next semester which is a short semester STARTS ON MY BIRTHDAY 19/10/2009 and ends on 27/12/2009. Means 10weeks of studies only. If the usual semester which is the long semester, studies will be 14 weeks.

The registration for my faculty is from 02/09/2009 08:30 AM to 16/09/2009 05:30 PM. We are taking 2 subjects only for that semester-1 compulsary 1 elective.

The compulsory subject is , 2 credit hours. For the elective subjects which is a language subject, we can choose either French, Japanese or Tamil, 7 credit hours.

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