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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Grade A1 Magee Goreng

ladies n gentleman. tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.

memperkenalkan Magee Goreng OCE yang sedap lazat sehingga menjilat jari. sila berikan tepukan yang gemuruh dan meletup kepada Chef Oh! yesh yesh!

bukan je sedap hingga menjilat jari tapi kuali dan senduk sekali. fulamak!

magee gorengnya berspring. telur habis. no problem. dia bubuh hotdog sama itu fishball. dipotong kecik-kecik but not too kecik!

Siang Yong, my roomate helped me in the cooking. i asked him to cincang garlic. so lawak. she basuh with water n cincang basah2. ayoo amma..

im happy. really. happy because my friends are happy. they happily finished all the mee. the satisfaction of a cook is to see the food he cooks make people happy. they like it. of cos la.. sedap ma.

i used to cook for someone i know. to be more precise, someone i love. the joy of cooking is when you pour your love into something you do, it will always turn out great and the taste of satisfaction is unimaginable. everytime you see that person's smile while munching on the food u made, it feels like heaven. segala kesedihan n problems hilang. feel so aman n bahagia..

i always belive that a good cook, cook with his heart.


im not saying that im so marvellous. im just saying that whatever we do, if we put our heart in it, we'll do well, we'll really satisfied although sometimes the results are not that good.

i wana have LOK-LOK later. but now it's still raining. ohhh.. what a nice weather to sleep la. eat so much make me wana oink-oink. grrrhh!

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