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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

wednesday = delicious day

Today is Wednesday!! Rabu!!

Means It’s makan sedap day. It’s hochiak day. It’s a yummy day!

Wednesday is the best day for me in Kampar. It’s the only entertainment day here. Why?? Oh because Wednesday is the pasar malam or night market day.

It’s a never to be missed day living in Kampar. U get to eat a wide variety of good food at a low price. This is also the time where the town comes alive.

But it’s raining now la. Aiyah! Gone la my Wednesday!

Now im starving. Woke up at 9am ++ then I slept again till 1pm ++ n now I just woke up. When I dun have class, I wont go out to buy lunch.

I was thinking of making French Toast and magee gireng for brunch but now is tea time already.


Okla dun care! wana go make French toast n magee goreng. Lapar gila. anyone wants some?? Sedap ok!!

Oh rain, please stop before 7.30pm. I need to go out and have my favourite Lok-Lok.

Thank you.

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