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Monday, 16 November 2009


n y 98753ync 9yhm75evb

yes yes!


yes correct!

zzzz... guess what i said. i said nothing! lame!

im too sleepy. i do crazy things when im sleepy. i used to bit my frens because im sleepy. i used to talk nonsense when im sleepy. n i used to bang my fren's ass when im sleepy. oh i remember. it's Nizam n Kah Hoe's backside. hehe.

one thing that is serious: I feel that i've been neglecting my friends all this while. I lost contacts with many people that i know. n i din flirt!! i was loyal...

time management people! TIME MANAGEMENT!

divide ur time between your gf/bf, friends n family.

FAHAM?!! ok gnite. bye!

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