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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

home on an island

Me with 2 bags n 2 jackets at Butterwoth bus terminal, going to take ferry back to Penang.

Hehe. Im back in Penang people. I noe it’s kind of late to say this but yeah im in Penang now. reached here last Saturday.

So far, it has been superb to be home. It feels so nice to be on the island, sleep on your bed, and feel the air of Penang. What an enjoyable n sweet study break without studying for exam. Hehe.

A lot of good things happened. I just feel so glad. No untoward incidents occured. Nice food everyday. Relationships get closer. Meeting up with friends. Shopping. Time passes so fast. Everyday is filled with activities. Penang is so happening. Kaypo ppl like me just can’t stay quiet at home. That’s y I didn’t blog. no time. Hehe.

I wana thank her. I met her. I talked to her thru fon. We went for dinner. She teman me to c doc. Things changed for better. Really. Dark clouds have vanished. Semua ni KUASA TUHAN. Everything happens for a reason. Ada hikmah di sebalik segala yg terjadi. Good things happen when u least expect them. every cloud has a silver lining. Work hard on something and then follow the flow. Take one step at a time. Don't rush the rush. Don’t get too serious and tense yourself up. Work hard and enjoy life. Be imaginative but realistic. Be thankful and enjoy every moments u have. don't be impulsive and cepat melatah. I realised that it’s 99% impossible for someone to fall in love again on the same person. Yeah.. hmm.. 1437.

Thx oso to Wei Han and Dexter. U guys always there when im back to Penang. I guess 2 of u r stil bachelors dats y we sama geng. Hahaha. Well, our geng all split d. so hard to meet up. oni 3 of us everywhere we go. but its ok we r brothers n sisters ma. after graduate, sure lagi no time to meet. Thx for all the help n support. I duno who to count on in Penang besides den u 2. Sorry 2trouble u guys with my love story. Tq. luv u. muax.

So, Let’s go out! Come come!! Jom jom! I’ll be in Penang for 10days until next Thursday! I wana go shopping! Weeeeeeeeeee!!

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