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Thursday, 10 December 2009

dilemma A or B

In less then 2hours, I would have to register my subjects for next semester which will starts on 11th Jan 2010. I still have few hours to made up my mind which minors to choose.


I have 5 minors for next week. In these minors, I have to choose between 2subjects. 1 is Advertising (AV) oriented and the other one is on politics (PS) /admin stuffs la.

I like both. AV is good cz I can let my mind goes wild, be creative n learn smtg learn. AV is more on a skill I guess. PS is also good cz I can learn in depth about politics stuffs etc la. PS is more on theories and philosophies.

Hmmm.. im having a hard time here. I think I’ll choose PS bcoz I like PS more then AV. im a vocal people la. I make noise here n there. I fight for an issue. I express what I feel. I mean.. I can see myself on the stage giving speech or do smtg that has to do with public interest. I don’t see myself doing graphic for a company. Yea photography needs skill in graphic, technology etc but not into that la.

Ok… I think what I want.

Anyway, many ppl wont sleep tonight or they’ll wake up very early later. One thing for sure is the server sure DOWN, the line sure JAMN!

Again, me n my coursemates will be split into 2 different classes. Aih.. y cant we stick to each other?? Hmm.. apa ni. A training for us when we graduate is it, when we’ll be heading towards different paths in life?? A training for us to be independent?

Hmmm.. I shouldn’t make a fuss about it la. it’s good that we r given choices on the subjects we 1. We can do better on smtg that we like, kan?

Ok.. lets wait for the registration to open at 8.30am.

Siapa cepat dia dapat. Gluck everyone in UTAR.

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