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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

K.O. on first day

today is just the first day of university and second day I'm in kampar.

the new semester just started and... I AM SICK!!

damn!! weather in Kampar is just amazing.

i'm having severe running nose and high fever. i can even feel the heat coming out from my ears and body.

that's it, it's KO time tonight. not gona FB, MSN or Blog.

just taken 2tablet of Panadol.

good night ppl.


  1. If wishes were flowers,
    I'd send U a BIG bunch 2 say,
    Get well soon! ^__^
    - miss anonymous

  2. awwww... that's so sweet of u la. tq so much. im not feeling any better yet.

  3. Don't worry, U'll get well soon bcoz the greatest healing is friendship n love. ^___^ Gute Besserung! ^__^... - miss anonymous

  4. yeah true true. must also drink a lot of water.