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Wednesday, 20 January 2010



still very sick. it's getting worse. red dots pop up evrywhere-hands, legs n body. SCARY!! face is bloody bloody red!

I'm being such a good student for not skipping a.k.a. pontenf any classes today. hehehe.

went to see doctor. the doc gives me 4types of medicines. did blood test. suspected to have denggi. Must go n do another blood test again on Friday to confirm whether it's denggi.

aih.. duno how does it feel to have Denggi.

how lucky i am to fall sick on the 1st day of class. zzzzz..

Thanks Amirah, my good friend for accompanying me to the hospital.

Thanks Siang Yong, my roomate for being so tolerate when i switch off the fan whole night.

Thanks for the wishes and concerns from everyone.

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