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Sunday, 10 January 2010

when people are too 'religious'

Bila olang boloh buat bnda boloh, wen eyes r covered by power money n fame, wen da name of religion is bein misuse, bila penganut agama nk tunjuk kuasa seolah-olah mrk pesuruh Tuhan yg benar dan betul, n wen they think they r exclusive, cow's head bein chopped off n religious buildings bein burnt down. Wat's da difference wif terrorism?

kerana setitik nila, rosak susu sebelenga.

Dis is Malaysia,my country. Dis is da Islam dat i respect all dis while.



  1. Mangkuk Hayun! huhu...
    Don't blame Islam but blame the Muslim extremists. Torching churches ain't cool at all n we totally condemn the attacks on the churches by some Muslim extremists or too religious people! Where is the love anyway? mmm... *___* All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness. The important thing is they should be part of our lives (Dalai Lama)- miss anonymous

  2. no no. i don't blame Islam. religions are never wrong. only agama sesat yang mangkuk hayun. What i meant was some people are just too extremist, they take action by the name of religion eventhough it's a bad one. these people tarnish the name of religionm be it Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or Christianity. kalaulah hampa ni betoi-betoi beragama, nak berjuang unuk agama, jangan buat perkara sieh! balasannya NERAKA! english panggil HELL! hokkien panggil 'tei gik'. UNDERSTOOD?!! jangan kepala taruh taik!

  3. Ops, firstly, don't get me wrong when I said mangkuk hayun okie.. huhu... ^___^ Anyway, I do understand what u're trying 2 say.. ^___^ But I believe we're totally shocked by these attacks when we the rakyat are so working hard to achieve 1Malaysia idea. NAMPAK GAYANYA, we still need to work more hard la... rite? *__* - miss anonymous

  4. hahaha. relax. i know lah u bukan kata kat i mangkuk hayun eventhough i was so SHOCKED cz that was the first thing i saw from your comment. =p YB YB sekalian kena walk the talk la. anyway, how are you doing, the mysterious anonymous girl?

  5. Hahahahaha.. well, U cakap mangkuk so I sambung la, mangkuk hayun.. hahaha ^___^ mmm... the mysterious girl? sounds creepy lor.. hehe.. mmm.. i'm doing good as always tho not always in a good situation.. what i merepek tak dapat kerepek nie?.. huhu... basically i'm okie n thx 4 asking Mr OCE. hehe.. hope d same with ya.. eh, sik mok tido ka? (u don't want to sleep ma?) hehe..i'm zzz already.. hehe - miss anonymous

  6. haha. i know u must be sleeping right now. good to hear that you are good. =p im watching CSI. gnite n c ya. tata.