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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

exam in the toilet

I tell u hor the Government and the universities and the house developer should be more creative and innovative.

They must make the exam in the toilet la. you know why???

Cuz students need to pee n shit! It’s easier if it’s in the toilet!

Can pee, bathe or shit while doing the exam.

Same goes to lecture. Hundreds of students in a big toilet with many jambans! All sit on the jamban or toilet bowls n listen to the lecturer. The lecturer can stand on the jamban if he wants to. What?? Malu?? Apa mau malu. Semua ada kemaluan ma. Chewww!

See how nice is it right?

Sometimes when you study you feel so hot. Then you need to pompom. And sometimes you need to eat n shit n study. So there must be a new mechanism to overcome this problem.

  new toilet with new technology must be invented. New toilets must come with speaker, LCD projector and a screen. So when you bathe or shit or pee, you can actually study using the projector in the toilet. The projector will projects the slides n you can easily n syiokly mandi la.

Another thing is when there’s a screen n internet in the toilet you can do video conferencing. The lecturer can teach from the toilet and you can study from your toilet. So sama-sama buat in the toilet la.

Whoever can do their studies n exam in the toilet shoud be granted co-curricular points, Soft Skills points and even a Datukship.

This shows that human have evolved and improved.

Now you tell me. good idea right?!! Safe time n safe money n safe resources. One stone can kill so many birds.

See la now I mau lausai! See la how! Tell me how!! Im damn geram when before exam i sakit perut. grrrhhhh!

I go lausai den how to study?

One more thing! The paper manufacturers must wake up! please invent a waterproof paper! Cuz it’s hard to study while you are bathing when the paper can get wet!

Argghh kenot tahan. PANGSAICUAAAAA im coming!

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