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Thursday, 13 May 2010

happy 1st year anniversary and happy may13

Anniversary? What It means to you? What do you do for an anniversary? Anniversary usually a memorable day to be remembered and to be celebrated. It is always a happy occasion.

But anniversary doesn’t always meant for a good thing.

Today at this moment I’ll celebrate my first year anniversary for being single. =p

I became single on 13th May 2009 1.35am. now it’s exactly one year. Im not being emo here ok. Just wana flash back.

It’s not that bad after all being single. From falling and rolling on the ground, I got back on my feet and I am here today.

Happy anniversary to everyone. Happy anniversary to Michelle Ooi and Lee Khai Keat. Happy anniversary to me to.

By the way happy May 13 as well.

I will remember this date forever.

Now continue studying! Woohooo!

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