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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

kacuak tak malu

when you see kacuak, what do you do??

you must SHOUT!


that's what i did!

i saw a big fat ass kurang asam not sexy tak malu punya cockroach aka kacuak in my house.

and i had a big fight with it.

waaaa i was attacked. it fiu here n there. fly here n there. how dare the devil went into my beg, my food container, my toiley etc.

luckily im strong. i use my super but normal power to catch it.

im not scared of cockroach i tell you.

but i screamed, jumped and ran.

After struggling for 5minutes! Yes 5minutes, i won the battle.

there you go kacuak yang tak malu.

perasan mia kacuak. i noe my house is clean. but you have to ask your permission before you come ma. you never learn Moral meh. don't simply migrate la. must go apply for citizenship you know. if not Rela and Police will catch you i tell you. don't play-play!

before the authorities come, let me sumbat u!

by the way, i 'borrowed' someone's egg from the fridge. hehe. tomorrow i put back lo.

okok got to go. need to sleep. suddenly so dizzy. class at 8am tomorrow. waaaa so excited. i wana wake up at 6am. yes i want but don't know can or not. =p


  1. walao....are u ok ah?
    scream,run and jump still can help him to take photo o...

  2. haahah. keng la! i tell u hor the kacuak looks like lee pei suang. =p

  3. Eeeee! ewww!!!!!!!!! No need to upload those pics la... ewww.... huhu... V___V - miss A

  4. hahaha. i still keep the kacuak in the bottle. u want?