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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

ini tarak itu tarak


rimas tau bila ini tarak itu tarak.

apa pun tarak.

this afternoon i wanted to go to Tesco but the cleaner came, i have to keep an eye on her. then 5pm wana go to Gym but it hujan lebat.

so No Tesco No Gym.

then just now dinner time ajak friends but Maxis line kaput. went out but Hujan again. on the way to TEsco, hujan!

so No Dinner, No Tesco.

No banana also cuz forgot to buy.

No repair bicycle cuz lazy to push bicycle alone.

now wana cook magee but I dun have Telur. NO TELUR pulak!

terukla dey all. i wana buy 2 telur also the makcik dun wana sell. susah la tarak telur.

but okla im happy today. hehe.

i feel so gay, so sexy, so high!

thanks to Your Excellency Kow and Tun Nigel. =p

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