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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

don't force me

aih.. i forgot the count already. i don't know how many times i have been telling and asking the same thing.


sabar la..

im not scolding anyone k. im not.

im just telling and asking for a small favor.

sabar.. slowly. ban ban lao.

friends always rush me for their photos.

okla u can be angry and pissed at me. it's ok. that's me. that's my style. u can scold me but don't push me.

this is my rules.

and hor, if u r my friends, sabar la. dun pushy pushy. later i fall into the drain how?!!

stress u noe...

But if u r my customer, different story la. hehehe. cuz u'll pay me ma. of cos u got more priority la.

or if the photos are so important, let say it's for your assignment or anything official, ok no problem. i rush it for you.

but if it's not, sorry naik lori la ye.

and one thing i fucking pissed is i give u people your photos d but you simply post as if you took that pictures yourself. APA ni! what the fuck la ok. now im angry! no manners ka. take my photos already give some credit la. so hard ka mau say 'photos taken by Oh Chin Eng?!' If so hard, don't ask from me la. FUCK OFF la. grrrhhh! tulan nia.

okok chill. fuh... jgn marah. nanti pimples pop pop pop.

back to the story. i love photography. but my life is not only about photography la. Don't expect me to sit in front of my laptop 24 hours to edit pictures, post pictures and send pictures. come on man. I have my own life also la.

My name is Chin Eng but im sipek boheng ok. i got other stuffs to do also what.

so hor people.. hehe. Let me kautim your photos d den i'll send it to you ok.

NEVER ask me to post it in FB.
NEVER ask me to email you.

kalau lu mau. kasi pendrive. easy n fast. u know la the photos so banyak and besar.

u won't die if you wait for a while right??

if u can't wait, don't ask me to take pictures la next time. i don't mind. im not a professional what.

that's all i wana say lo. if u can accept, accept lo. kenot den ur PROBLEM la! if u terasa oso ur PROBLEM la. but u dun angry la ye.. im not scolding anyone what. =p

anyway, i feel so sorry for a friend cuz i totally forgot to send her, her family photos since January. my fault. my salah.

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