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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

banana & maid

RANDOM thoughts

1. i desperately need a banana right now. i need to munch a long and huge banana so badly lah! beh tahan liao la. anyone got banana ah? can pinjam ah? i can pay you. SERIOUSLY!

2. im so disappointed with some people who use the service of foreign maid/cleaner and then feel suspicious on them. come on la. u ask them to clean your house then you feel they wana steal your damn things? DAMN u la. if u so clever, u clean it urself la. what the tut man. don't ask me to keep an eye on them. i wont. you thought every maid/cleaner are thieves meh! don't always look down on people la. i tell u if ur Karma is good, ghost also won't come near you la boloh!

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