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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

tomorrow do what ah??

Tomorrow do what ah?

Crazeee!! Today is just the first day of new semester and im asking the question.

Damn boring weih! Boring gila2. sien ka boi si. Clueless. Don’t know what to do.

Me, Tiffany n Rachael are asking  the same question.

Tomorrow do what ah??

We just came back from playing computer games actually. This is my first time officially playing computer games in Kampar. im not a game by the way.

And by 12am only the whole Westlake is as quiet as dead town.

Apa ni!! UTAR students insaf already ka??

I myself never faced this situation before.

Last semester was busy for me.

What happened ah?

We should feel excited.

We should be happy.

We should be hyper.

But amma..

Sien leh.

Sumor me and my classmates had a bad start because of Communication Theories results. Sucks man! Unexpected! Unbelievable. And we can’t do anything to change it. It’s a big blow for us la.

First class was fun la. crazy lecturer. But now..

We need entertainment!

Now we need to plan what to do for tomorrow!!

I start to understand why people complain that Kampar is a damn boring town.


i think im sien bcoz i didn't on9 today.

n im sick. so sick.

dats y im boring and grumpy.

I feel like KAPUT already. KARAT on the first day.

So tomorrow do what ah??

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