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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

time to pause

Yes it’s time i guess. It’s time to pause for a while. Just for a while. Im not saying about stopping but pausing. =p

That’s it! Tonight is gona be the last time. i just came back from Bash Party 2010 organised by the previous SRC.

I need some rest. I need to use my time for something else. PRIORITY ma. I should focus more on my studies and SRC.

Im still OCE, the guy with camera but I’ll take less event pics in uni from now on..

Im pausing to take event pictures in university. I can't totally stop or pause but slowly reducing and cutting down this activity.
It’s a hard decision ok. but again the world is watching me.

Im not changing for anyone definitely. But I have a responsibility now. im representing the students. I need to be good la right. I need to jaga my image, my attitude, my reputation n etc.

SRC CHAIRMAN also can take pictures what n I will still take pictures no matter what. But I have to c whether I got time or not also. And I can’t always be the photographer cuz I don’t want to always be labelled as the photographer. I want people to know me as the chairman as well, the chairman who walk the talk and do something for the students.

I notice that I seldom take pictures now ever since the election started. Not that I don’t want but I don’t have the time.

For some it might not be significant but for me, it’s a big change.

Those who know me personally, know that me and my camera cannot be separate. Wherever I go, I bring a long my wife, my camera, my life. It happened before I went out and I bring my camera but not my wallet, no money, no IC, no license.

I can’t stop myself from taking pictures. Whenever I see something and it gives me some idea or inspiration or if it has certain meaning or message, my hand will automatically snap snap.

I take too many pictures already.

Seriously Im kinda tired. Haha.. yes I am.. im too extreme already.

I need to slow down I guess.

85% of my laptop is flooded with pictures, and that does not include my external hard drive and external hard disk which fully contained PICTURES.

I owe too many people too many pictures. I duno when only I can pay my debt.

im stress you know when people asking for their pictures. not that im not efficient but too many pictures la. sometimes sakit mata lu tau ka.

so if i slow down, if i pause, i dun have to take so many pics anymore. and i can have more time to alter the pictures n have better documentation n storage. and i can experience another way of life. =p

I humbly thanks my friends and UTARians who asked for my photography service before this. Thanks for your trust. Thanks for the opportunity. Thanks for the encouragement. I know im not simply the best but I gave my best in every photography assignment I involved in.

But hey if you people need me to take pictures hor, cal me la cal me la. I’ll consider about it. And if got BIG news hor, MUST call me u noe. Hehe.


  1. BOSS.. as u mention .. THE WORLD IS WATCHING YOU..
    never mind.. there are still a bunch of ppl support U ! ^^
    how about u define as this coming yr is time for you to slow down ur photography life but enjoy the life in another way .. juz experiencing another kind of life la.. bro

  2. you are the best, Mr photographer... Mr Chairman...