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Sunday, 7 August 2011

reminder from mum

Here i am, back in the city of KL again.

I reached home at about 11.45pm.

Then i called my mum and tell her that i've arrived.

She asked me to quick quick go sleep.

She said sleep early then can wake up early.

Don't late to work. She knows i always late. lalalaa.

tidur awal bangun awal.

eleh.. if i tidur awal and off tomorrow, i will sure tidur mati and won't bangun awal.


I have running nose again. Must be from the dust because i swept the floor just now. And must be because i'm tired. My begpack is so heavy as if there's some kid in there.

Suddenly so sleepy. Assignment at 9am tomorrow. Must wake up at 7.30am on Sunday.


okla gnite!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Chin Eng! wake up! it's 7:28 am now! Bangun! Lalalala~ :P