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Monday, 18 January 2010

i am home

wohooooo!! i am home in my second home, Kampar! nyeh nyeh nyeh!!

seriously i can't wait for my first class tomorrow. im so excited.

usually when i come back here, i'll clean my room but today, i'm so shocked and yet happy to see my house. It's sparkling clean!! no rubbish or dust on the floor. The house owner came and cleaned the living hall, kitchen and 'clear' the fridge! all our food have GONE!! my Dutch Lady milk, bun, sosej, spaghetty sauce, mayonnaise etc all GONE!!

My roomate cleaned my room and the common area. It's quite clean lah. fuiyooo! i am so proud of him! hahaha. but i think i'll sweep and mop the floor again. Then i'll clear the spider web on the walls cuz Chinese New Year is coming d ma. Today im free so can do all that lo.

There's a new student in this house. She came up and introduced herself. Her name is Rachel and she's an Indian! FULAMAK!!! i like it babeh!! i like to mix with non-Chinese!! harmony!! muhibbah! murtabak! yesss!!! pls dun bergatal with her k. I'm impressed with my open-minded house owner. If you go to other houses, u can only see the same colour of people in the house.

By the way, i am singing LOUDLYYYYYYYYYYyyy like no one's businees. hhahah! come join me. let's yell together! who cares about the pitching???

ok im going off now. housekeeping. then, going to celebrate my goodfren's bday. =p Kampar is damn hot la. 2 times da temperature in Penang. zzz..


  1. hahahaha..yeah, who cares about d pitching? hahahaha... ^____^- miss anonymous

  2. yea who cares! biar pi la kat aku! hang sakit mana?!! =p