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Monday, 18 January 2010

going back soon

I am leaving at 2pm later from Butterworth. It's about time for me to go back to my university, UTAR in Kampar, Perak. Today 18th Jan 2010 is the first day of my Year 2 Semester 1 of my degree programme. I am looking forward for it. I feel fresh, as if i'm a newbie of university. I miss my classmates so much. I miss them! All of them! They are now in Kampar already.
Before this i was so eager to go back but now i don't really feel it. I miss home and my family. Im not done with my CNY shopping yet. I haven't done the things that i wanted to do here. Sad right. What to do. I want to achieve something that is beyond my capacity. I mean beyond my control, beyond my ability. I just don't have enought time to do all that la..

I usually pack my luggage few hours before i depart. I'm still packing right now. Too many stuffs to bring back to my second home. I guess one of the reasons i'm SO short is because my beg is super heavy! that;s why i can't grow!! GRRHHH! It's also because of my heavy camera. What a lame excuse. haha.

There's 90% more to pack but haha i feel like blogging laaaaaaaaa........... I have so much to say but so little time.

it's already 2.30am now. Everyone at home has already sleeping. I am sleepy, tired after a long day of rushing here and there, busybody care-pochi (kpc) everywhere. I woke up early in the morning. See how good am i. Then i slept again. zzz.. i missed the chance to document a very unique scenario of racial tolerance in Penang where a group of Indians celebrate Ponggal in front of a church. The celebration took place in the church's compound. Unfortunately i was too lazy to wake up.

In the afternoon i went for my first photography course organised for Sony Alpha DSLR users by Sony. It's FREE! Haha. i learned new things. But most of the things i already know lah. I taught people sitting at my left and right. I took model picture for the first time and i feel so urrghh! i never like modelling photography. NEVER! eeww! i just don't feel comfortable. I can't stand people pose here and there, show their boobs asses here and there.. GRRRHHH! no offence k. I'm just not into this kind of photoshoot. Overall, the course was great. A lot of theories were taught. You know i never learn all these. I'm self-taught in photography and i learn by my experience. Afterall i feel, theories are not that important. You need practice, hardwork and heart in photography and you'll produce a good shot.

Before the course ended, i received a phone call at about 5.30pm saying people died at the sea. So i rushed to Lebuh Macallum from Batu Ferringghi. It's very far ok. I nearly got into accident...again for rushing to cover a news. A car was crossing the road in front of me. Suddenly it brakes. WTH!! I got no where to go! So i pressed the break with all the strenghth i had at that time and luckily my bike managed to stop, in front of the car! damn it! I and other cars honk continuosly at the f*cking red Kenari driver. I got to go in to the scene becoz the guard thought that i'm a r*porter. shhhhhhh... hehehe. but i left early bcoz camera run of battery again. aih.. I still remember when i met a reporter, Chin Liang few years ago at a fire scene, my old semi-pro camera that uses AA battery ran out of battery as well. He was the one who lend me batteries. Today i met him again at the scene, but unfortunately my camera uses another type of battery that only fits Sony DSLR. So i had to leave. If i were a real reporter, i'll sure kena sack for failing to capture the news. Anyway 2 people are found dead. LEt's all of us pray that the other 4 missing students are safe.

I took a nap before i went to Batu Feringghi. My mum followed me. I fetched her. heheh. It was such a warm feeling of her sitting on my bike and she said 'can ride not that fast ah?' HAHA. She was comforting me after i didn't get the thing that i need for my public speaking at Batu Feringghi.

I think i'll need few hours to finish packing. By that time, my mum will wake my sister up to school. And i'll send her to school for one last time before i leave. Then, i'll go to the scene where the students fell into the water during a dragon boat training exercise yesterday morning. Then, see my former teacher at my form six school SXI, buy needle for Thaipusam, fotostat soem documents etc etc.

I think that's all i need to do tomorrow.. After i got back to Kampar, definitely i'll blog more. Haha. More unpublished posts will be up.

I also wana take this opportunity to thank Hor Wei Vern for designing my namecard. It's really nice and unique! BETUL!! unik ok!! Look for her if you need a graphic designer.


Good night. tata.


  1. Hahaha..." Can ride not that fash ah?" hahahaha... I can't stop laughing now... hahaha... ^___^- miss anonymous