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Friday, 8 January 2010

shit or results?

shit la!!

my stomach is still not ok. I haven’t check my semester 3/Dec 2009 exam results yet.

Check the results now or shit first??!!!

If you ask me which one is more important right now, my answer definitely will be SHIT!!

Aiyah check tomorrow la. the results not gona run away right?? I don’t have the mood to check now la. don’t know why…

What if I check now n I fail?? I dun wana SHIT the whole night because of the bad results. NO WAY!

Plus im in the state of shitting. Later i get shitty results how ah??!!

I’ll take my time shit puas-puas then have a nice sleep. Hahaha.

Maybe I’ll just wait till the last day of my semester break then only I check the results. Let’s enjoy this 1 last week of holidays people!


Cannot tahan anymore. the toilet is calling for my a$$.

i need to go to the toilet la! sakit perut! stomach ache the whole day.

Chao! Gnite. Tata.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahahaha...... I can't stop laughing at all... hahahaha... Anyway, I wish U all d best for s**T n for exam results ^___^ hahaha... - miss anonymous