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Monday, 2 August 2010

YOU are quoted

"Life is full of challenges."

~ Miss Tan Jue Jun
~ Head of Journalism Department, FAS, UTAR Kampar aka my Journalism lecturer

She's right! Life is full of challenges. So exam is just a small part of it and it's just a minor challenges in life. Don't be pulled down by exam. life is not just about exam. there are more things out there to be explored.

ahahaha and you know what? She has been repeating this sentence for this whole semester! She is just so cute la. aduih.. you guys should attend her class then you'll know what i mean. she can talk non-stop for 2 hours!! NON-STOP! And she can talk for 2 hours just for 12 slides! HOLIAO rite??! she's dedicated la.. really.


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