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Thursday, 3 December 2009

double DOUBLE happiness

Syukur.. what a good day today. I really had a very day good and prosperous day indeed.

Double double happiness! Means 4 happy things that happened today. ‘xuan xuan xi’.

1. As u all know, I got into the final of public speaking.

So I don’t have to repeat it again. But I want to say that despite the success, I managed to bring joy and excitement to people through my speech. How wonderful is that.

I want to say thank you again to everyone who were there. you guys made my Semester 3 so happening.


Not to count the happiness with friends la.

2. A friend in uni told me that she saw me on TV.

I was like what??!! Why! For what? What am I doing there in TV?? All those questions popped up. im was so eager n excited to know the details.

She said I appeared in RTM 2 aka TV2 after the evening news. I was learning how to make kuih. According to her, I said that I took 1 week to persuade the kuih seller to teach how to make the kuih.

Then I start to remember about the interview that RTM did on me end of last night if im not mistaken. I couldn’t really recall exactly what happened during the interview la. I think there was also a person with me when the RTM journalist interview. Hmmm.. my sayang I guess, cuz the person took pic of me when the interview is going on.

They actually want to introduce the local delicacy that is popular in Penang. Sheau Fung from PHT called me to bring them there. So I brought them to Market Street where this Indian Muslim uncle sells the best samosa in Penang. Really sedap.

She asked me la the history of the shop, the seller, the samosa, about how I got involved with AAK n PHT, my feelings towards heritage etc etc lo. It’s so funny because I was talking in my broken Chinese with limited vocabulary. The show is in Mandarin ma.

Then the lady journalist asked me to demonstrate how to make samosa. Zzz.. I don’t think I learn how to make samosa before. I only interviewed them, watched them n eat samosa. Hmmm.. so for the very first time, I got the privilege to make samosa with the bos’s guidance. What a interesting experience.

I thought they show the programme already. Haha. I was wrong!

Thanks to AAK, PHT, ARTS-ED, I got a lot of exposures on many aspects in life, work and relationship. Through this NGOs, I learn performing arts, music, acting, interview skills, how to do research data management, how to do a good questionnaire, how to do good mind map, how to do documentation, event production stuff, appreaciation and the values of cultural heritage and heritage tour guiding.

Thanks to them also I found my love and I got to know Heritage Mafia and Kaki Penang. I miss Janet Pillai’s scoldings. I miss Sheau Fung. I miss Yoke Pinn.

I learn more about my root, my state’s history, the cultural heritage, the people of Penang and what's in their mind.

Talking about me on TV, I thought of these funny incidents. Im very kaypo aka busybody in my hometown, Penang. Whenever n wherever there are accidents, disasters, events, etc etc, I’ll be there..with all press. So nice to be with them at the front row to take pictures. Hahha. So the funny thing is I appeared on the newspaper quite a number of time…accidentally. Haha. the story is not about me but my picture was in there. it’s not my intention to be in the shot but it just so coincident that I was there. haha. I accidentally become popular lo.

3. Someone, my coursemate la, she suddenly said that “u noe i think ur more important to me den my bf. i think like secara tak langsung i think u are more important as a fren la!! r maybe we shud get married”

Fuh! I totally gone blank. What a statement. It sounds so wrong la. gila la her. so random. Don’t worry. No, she is not falling in love on me. haha.

Don’t la. not me la. go find some better guys in UTAR la. I also don’t want la. hmmm.. I just think feel ok to date someone in the uni especially your coursemate. So hard la. what if you argue, then your friends will have a very hard time to think who should they support. And what if the couple break up, it’ll be super awkward then.

So better keep the friendship then to ruin it.

I said to her, "cz im ur fren ma, we r clasmate n coursemate wat. we r clos wat." 

At least I know la im a good fren to her although she’s a bit cracko. Kind of sampat. hehe. I never thought that someone will say that to me. Something that a friend won't say. Something that sounds like a person likes me. I feel delighted about it. Yeala, so long already no one says such thing to me. Although im close with other coursemates as well, we don’t say such things la. malu la. shy la. if love love pun, just keep it in our heart la. take this 3 years to know each other better lo.

4. My roommate, Siang Yong is home. What a surprise. I thought he’ll only be home tomorrow. Anyway im so happy to see him. Very happy.

we go gay in the house, yell, scream, sing and camwhoring. Haha. I’ll show u his sexy photos. Oh he took some sexy shots of me too. Waaa bergay manyak syiok.

I asked him to massage me. hmm.. there’s room for improvement.

I had a bad Semester 2. Now, I feel good things start to happen towards end of the year. Isn’t it a good thing? Let’s work harder and achieve more. Well.. if I don’t work hard now and try to achieve my dreams, when else to do that? Opportunities don’t always come.

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  1. 1. Congrats on getting into the finals!
    2. I miss Kaki Penang and Heritage Mafia too!!!