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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mini Thaipusam? Many people don’t know about this celebration. We only know the real Thaipusam in the month of January or February.

Mini Thaipusam or the real name is Chithirai Pournami. It is actually the 1st Full Moon of Tamil Calendar. As usual, there’ll be people carrying milk pot and kavadi.

I missed Thaipusam this year, as in not carrying kavadi and no piercing and I feel not good about it.

Mini Thaipusam is today and few days ago I planned to go for it but I can’t because yesterday is UTAR Ball. I need to be on vegetarian and stuff.

But now, the urge is there for me to at least go and have a look and pray. When I wana do something regarding religion, I’ll do it. It’s not good when you say and when you think you wana do something religious but at the end you didn’t.

It’s all about your faith.

I still don’t feel good about UTAR Ball because there are many problems to be settled.

It’s ok.. let me go pray first.

i'll be on vegetarian today.

Teluk Intan here i come.

Nothing and no one I can count on to now except for religion.

At least religion is true, religion will never lie on me.

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